You’re Invited to Double Your Impact

We have an opportunity to do some BIG things together in 2019! 

Every day, Life Network is on the front lines supporting moms and dads in choosing life for their babies, providing parent training and resources and pointing our clients toward Jesus. We also are in every local school district equipping students with medically sound training on the benefits of saving sexual activity for marriage.

As an extension of our life-giving and life-saving ministry, God is calling us to three new key initiatives for next year.  With your help, we believe 2019 will be our most impactful year for life in our city yet! 

To further these efforts, generous donors have given and pledged $100,000 as a matching challenge through the end of the year. With your help we can raise at least $200,000 to serve our clients and future clients. Here’s how:


Preventing Teen Suicide

Suicide has cast a dark cloud over our city and is the leading cause of death for people ages 10-17, according to El Paso County Health. It is an issue we cannot ignore as we stand for life. 

We’ve partnered with Mayfield Counseling to develop a new curriculum for public school classrooms called Who Can Relate. Our goal in 2019 is to reach every area high school, helping students answer three fundamental questions:  

  1. Who needs you?  
  2. Who loves you?  
  3. Where do you find your value? 

As students reflect on these questions, their risk of committing suicide drastically decreases.
We’re asking for your help to implement Who Can Relate in as many schools as possible. 

Students and teachers are already being impacted by this teaching. As one local teacher shared:   

“I just wanted to say thank you for your presentation to our young scholars. It takes incredible effort and power to touch such difficult content. This was beautiful, engaging, and a great resource that all people should have access to. This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

Counseling Deeply Wounded Clients

We’ve also partnered with Mayfield Counseling to employ a licensed counselor one day a week in our busiest location at Academy and Galley. Many of our clients who consider abortion have experienced significant hardships: severe anxiety, clinical depression and physical and sexual abuse.  

As of October, we now have a counselor in our Galley center providing counseling for these clients as they begin healing from trauma.  

The impact we are seeing is significant and life changing. But one day a week at one of our locations is not enough. Our goal is to add at least one additional day in 2019 to help even more clients.

Expanding Help for Families 

Finally, we’re excited to announce our plans to open the Life Network Family Thrift Store in 2019. It will offer more shopping choices to our clients who need help furnishing an apartment or baby’s room on a budget, serve as an opportunity to employ some of our young parents who need to learn skills and find a job and be a place for your family to shop as well. 

This thrift store would also provide a supplemental income stream for our operations budget at Life Network of up to $10,000 a month.  

Your generous gift today of $100, $300, or $500 will double to gifts of $200, $600 or $1,000 and enable us to transform and save more lives in our city in 2019.   

Who Can Relate is in eight schools and counting in El Paso County. Will you help us triple that and make it available to students in 24 area schools?  

Some clients are now receiving FREE professional counseling at our pregnancy center
one day per week. Will you help us provide this healing to additional moms and dads who have chosen life but now need to know what it means to live life abundantly?  

We have big plans for a family thrift store in Colorado Springs. Will you help make the Life Network Family Thrift Store a reality?  

The need to value the lives of moms, dads, students and babies in our community is great – and the time to act is now.  

Will you help us — and double your impact by donating to Life Network before the end of the year?  

Your generosity will enable us to go into all the places God has set before us. Together, lives will be changed 

Give the Gift of Life Today!

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