Men's Services

Our Men’s Services outreach equips dads through education and support, helping them become involved, committed and responsible fathers. Often fathers have the greatest influence on the decisions their partner makes regarding their pregnancies. In addition, we recognize the important roles fathers play in the lives and future success of their children. We serve men by offering support and options counsel during their partner’s pregnancy test, free STD testing, parent education and mentoring from trained staff and volunteers from early pregnancy until their child is two.

 The Fatherhood program of one-on-one mentorship and education complements the Motherhood program, similarly matching new dads with a Fatherhood coach. From the early days of pregnancy, Life Network offers resources and support for men regarding how to be God-honoring fathers while also learning to support their partner. The Fatherhood program encourages healthy families through helping men to become involved, committed and responsible fathers. Currently, the Men’s Services staff and volunteers mentor over 70 dads each month. 

Through this program, men learn the basics of pregnancy and child development, how to support their partner, infant care, nutrition, bonding/attachment, toddler care, safety, etc. By participating in the Fatherhood program, dads earn “man bucks” to purchase much needed items for their children, such as cribs, car seats and clothing. Ultimately, we hope to impact generations and build healthy families by integrating men into the picture – helping them become involved, committed and responsible fathers.

New dad? Welcome to the club. Click the link below to sign up for one-on-one coaching. 

[My Fatherhood program experience] has been a very great blessing from God and I look forward to coming. It's one of the brighter things I have going for myself and my family and relationship with God and Christ.

Click below to hear Jarod & Glory’s story, and how they were empowered in their fatherhood and motherhood by our programs.

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