The Pregnancy Center offers life-affirming alternatives to those facing unplanned pregnancies. All services are free of charge, including: pregnancy tests, STD testing, options counseling, ultrasounds and emergency assistance such as diapers, formula, and maternity and baby clothing. Through our Pregnancy Centers, we have the opportunity to see God use the miracle of ultrasound to change and save lives. Ten years of Life Network data show that over 86% of abortion-vulnerable clients choose life after seeing their little one on the ultrasound screen. Learn more »

LifeSteps is a program that equips teen and first-time parents with both foundational parenting education and vital material resources. From pregnancy until their child’s second birthday, these parenting appointments provide mentoring opportunities and education on many topics, including pregnancy, nutrition, childbirth and child development. As they participate, clients earn credits toward items in the LifeSteps Baby Boutique, ranging from baby and maternity clothing, blankets and diapers to larger items, such as a new crib, car seat or stroller. Every item in our Baby Boutique is donated by generous supporters of Life Network. Learn more »

Education for a Lifetime (EFL) equips middle and high school students with medically sound training on the benefits of avoiding sexual activity outside of marriage.  More than 6,000 students annually hear presentations in their classrooms with hope-filled messages like: “valuable people make valuable choices” and “your past does not dictate your future.” As a result of this program, the number of students who highly agree that sexual risk avoidance leads to healthier outcomes increases by 65% after the training. Learn more »

Using biblical principles as tools for healing, Bridges of Hope offers a nine-week healing and support class to those who are struggling with the effects of a past abortion. The study addresses topics including: grief, anger, guilt and forgiveness. Learn more »

Men’s Services: Men play crucial roles in the face of an unexpected pregnancy. The impact of fatherlessness is far-reaching as children without dads are more likely to be poor, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of school, commit crimes and repeat the cycle of fatherlessness. From the early days of pregnancy, Life Network offers resources and support for men regarding how to be God-honoring fathers while also learning to support their partner. Learn more »