Bridges of Hope

Bridges of Hope offers a in-depth study and support program to those who are struggling with the effects of a past abortion. This takes place across a nine-week healing and support class or a 3-day weekend retreat. Using Biblical principles as tools for healing, the study addresses topics including: grief, anger, guilt, depression and forgiveness.

Many believe they are the only one who has had an abortion. In reality, there are statistics that state that in our nation, 1 in 4 women will have had an abortion by the age of 45. Few are willing to talk about their abortions because of the shame and regret they feel. As a result, many women and men are suffering in silence. 

Symptoms of post-abortion syndrome may show right away or they may not reveal themselves for many years. They include: guilt, anxiety, feeling numb, depression, avoiding babies and pregnant women, inability to bond with future children, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, fear of infertility, etc. Rarely does the post-abortive person suffer every symptom and not every symptom is included in this list. If someone is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, a post abortion recovery program can bring healing.

Bridges of Hope is a support program designed to provide a safe place to work through your abortion experience. For women – small group sessions are designed to deal with the pain and difficulties common to those who have had abortions. For men, Bridges of Hope offers one-on-one mentoring. Weekly sessions address the issues of post-abortion stress from a biblical perspective. All sessions are led by trained facilitators.

Contact us confidentially for more information at or by phone at 719-355-1177. This video shares one story of the powerful hope and healing that occurs through our program.

For community groups and churches, Life Network provides speakers who are willing to share their personal experience with abortion to encourage, challenge, educate, and inspire others. Please fill out the form on our Contact Us page to inquire. 

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