1983: Doors Open

Life Network’s mission to value life and transform lives began in 1983, when we opened the doors of our first center. At that time, the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion on demand for any reason at any stage of development, had been in place for a decade. Both the population, and abortions, were steadily escalating in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center is Formed

Known then as Bethany Crisis Pregnancy Services, our first office was located in Village 7 Presbyterian Church. Individuals from Village 7 and other local churches provided financial support and volunteers. One year later, that little center had served 350 young women.

The name changed to Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center (CSPC) in 1987 to better reflect its mission, and that remains the name for both of Life Network’s pregnancy centers today. As the ministry grew over the next several years, new programs were developed to more effectively meet patients’ needs.

A few years after the pregnancy center opened, shepherding homes were established for expectant mothers in need of housing. Later, an additional home opened for single moms and their children, helping them to achieve independence once they left their shepherding home. As similar programs developed within the community, the CSPC decided to refer clients to these already-established programs. Ultimately, the home was sold, and its sale enabled the ministry to purchase the building that the Galley Road CSPC resides in today.

Beginning New Programs

In 1987, growing rates of premarital sex and teen pregnancy led to the development of a prevention program, now known as Education for a Lifetime (EFL). Initially funded through government and private grants, this program is now in every school district in the city, serves more than 6,000 students annually, and is funded almost entirely through the generosity of donors and local churches.

A program to address the painful reality and devastating impact of a man or woman’s past abortion also was started. Today, that Post-Abortion Counseling and Education (PACE) program is known as Bridges of Hope, which offers hope and healing in the context of a community of other women and men dealing with the pain of their past abortions.

In 2004, LifeSteps, an ‘Earn While You Learn’ parenting education program, was created to help meet the material needs of clients while developing their parenting skills. Participants watch videos, attend classes, and complete homework assignments to earn credits to be exchanged in the Baby Boutique – a free clothing closet. Not only does this help strengthen their role as a parent, it provides the opportunity for long-term mentoring relationships to develop with staff and volunteers. Later, Men’s Services was added as a complementary ministry with a dedicated Fatherhood mentoring program to empower new fathers.

Life Network is Born

As this life-changing ministry continued to grow, leadership prayerfully reviewed the purpose and direction of the ministry. Their conclusion? The Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center was not solely a pregnancy center with other ministries attached, but rather a life-affirming ministry that includes life-impacting outreaches. The name Life Network was adopted as an umbrella to better embrace the fullness of the ministry accomplished each day. The Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center name and ministry continue as before; but now under the Life Network umbrella, Education for a Lifetime, Bridges of Hope, and LifeSteps provide hope, education, encouragement, and healing to many.

In October 2019, we added the Life Network Family Thrift Store to our network. Located centrally at 5406 N Academy Blvd, the Thrift Store provides the Colorado Springs thrifting community with quality items at a great price – and the proceeds go back to support the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Centers and our other life-affirming outreaches. Moms and dads participating in the LifeSteps and Fatherhood parenting education programs also now have the opportunity to earn gift cards to the Family Thrift Store to supplement the donated items they receive from the Baby Boutique.

Hopeful for the future

In spring 2021, our life-affirming outreach expanded further to Fountain Valley with the opening of our third pregnancy center! Thanks to the support of generous donors, we were able to purchase the building at 97 Widefield Blvd and open this new pregnancy center 100% debt free. We look forward with anticipation to how God will use this new center to transform the lives of many more moms, dads, babies and families in the Fountain Valley region in the years to come. 

As we look ahead to the future, Life Network hopes to continue to expand our mission to cultivate a community that values life in Colorado Springs. We thank you for your partnership in our mission!