Onsite counseling: The culmination of a long-time dream

In my eight years of being involved with Life Network as a board member and now the president, we’ve had many discussions about how to provide an important service to our clients: licensed counseling.

Our LifeSteps program offers valuable life coaching and parenting mentorship, but the needs of our clients sometimes are much deeper and more complex than our coaches are equipped to handle.

You see, the life circumstances and other hardships our clients face often help set them on a path that culminates in an unexpected pregnancy. Sadly, too many of the moms and dads we see every day are dealing with severe anxiety and clinical depression which at times are the result of abuse, neglect or other trauma.

Having a parenting mentor provides significant, even life-changing help. But many also need the support of a licensed counselor. Yet, because of financial limitation, transportation challenges or trust issues, most of our clients have not received the professional counseling they desperately need.

Starting now, that is changing.  

We now have a licensed counselor from Mayfield Counseling at our center across the street from the Citadel Mall. Because of your generosity, this onsite counseling will be available at no cost one day a week. This is the exciting culmination of years of exploring alternatives, weighing options and careful prayer. Knowing that many of our clients are facing such tough obstacles, it’s not hard to envision that we will ultimately need not just one, but two or even three days of counseling support in the future. You will hear more about that in the weeks ahead.

But today, we celebrate!  Thanks to your support, we now have a counselor in our center at Galley and Academy providing counseling for our clients as they begin their journey of healing from trauma.

We praise God for you and this answer to a long-time dream now becoming reality.

Rich Bennett President | CEO

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