Valuing life. Transforming lives.

trans•for•ma•tion (noun): a thorough or dramatic change

A staff member was recently asked what was most rewarding about working at Life Network. “The transformation we get to see in those we coach,” she responded. “I see moms who come to us overwhelmed, scared, and not ready to become parents. A year later, they are in a completely different place.”

Every day, we witness transformations across the programs we provide throughout Life Network.

We often see a transformation in attitudes among students we reach through Education for a Lifetime, where the percentage of students who “highly agree” that saving sex until marriage leads to healthier outcomes jumps by 65% after our training.

Still another transformation occurs with those in our Bridges of Hope post-abortive healing program. Women and men who have been carrying guilt from an abortion are able to release that burden as they receive and accept Christ’s forgiveness.

But the ultimate life transformation occurs when a client makes a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Recently, one of our LifeSteps volunteers had been meeting with a client for nearly two years, yet anytime she started to share about God, it seemed to go nowhere. Then, something changed.

“I heard the Holy Spirit softly whisper that it was time to share my personal testimony and the Gospel. After I did, Betsy* immediately gave her life to Christ! I had been encouraging, teaching and mentoring this young mom for two years. Many times I wondered if our time together was making a real difference in her life. I now believe that it was the two years of faithfulness and prayer that made the difference. I had earned her trust, and I believe our time together helped change her view of Christianity.”

Betsy was one of seven clients last month who made a decision to follow Jesus. Amazing!

Our mission at Life Network is to cultivate a community that values life through the love of Christ. When we do that faithfully, radical life-altering transformations occur. The phrase – “Valuing life. Transforming lives.” – is one we have chosen to capture the essence of what we do every day.

When you collaborate with us by praying … donating items for our clients … giving of your time as a volunteer … or by providing a gift financially, that is the essence of what we are doing together: Valuing life. Transforming lives.

* Name changed for confidentiality

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