Tracy had always dreamed of being a mom one day … but not at 18

Tracy* had always dreamed of being a mom one day … but not at 18.

During her appointment at our Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center, her test result was positive. Tracy left devastated with plans to have an abortion. Family and friends encouraged this choice, assuring Tracy she could have another child later.

The day of her abortion, a friend offered to drive her to the appointment. On their way to the abortion clinic, her friend instead brought her back to the pregnancy center, requesting that she have an ultrasound. Tracy agreed to the ultrasound, and it touched her deeply.

“I was so surprised to see a heartbeat and  fingers and toes. That was my baby! Seeing my baby made it real … it made me cancel my abortion that day.”

Still undecided, Tracy returned to Life Network to talk through her options. She kept thinking about the ultrasound images of her baby. At nearly 16 weeks pregnant, Tracy chose life. Five months later, she had a beautiful baby girl.

“My baby is such a gift to me and my whole family. We cannot imagine our lives without her. I’m so thankful the pregnancy center was there for me as I struggled with my decision. Because of Life Network, I have Lydia!”

The Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center — Life-Affirming Alternatives

In our nation, an abortion takes place every 20 seconds every day. Life Network’s Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center was started as a place that offered life-af rming options so that women in our city would know there were other choices. Last year at Life Network, 192 abortion-minded women chose life for their baby … more than one every other day of the year.

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