At just 15, Bryan and Kate knew they wanted to get married someday

They met their freshman year of high school. At just 15, Bryan and Kate* knew they wanted to get married someday.

Five months into their relationship, an Education for a Lifetime (EFL) speaker made a presentation in their health class at Pine Creek High School. Following the week-long presentation, Bryan and Kate felt led to make a commitment to wait to have sex until marriage.

Six years later, they got engaged! As they created their wedding guest list, this young couple searched Facebook for their EFL presenter to thank her. They shared how her message impacted their relationship and life plans. The influence of Life Network’s Education for a Lifetime program is life-changing and far reaching, setting a standard for students to make healthy choices and achieve their hopes and dreams.

Education for a Lifetime Impact

The five-session Education for a Lifetime program reaches every school district in Colorado Springs; equipping students with sexual risk avoidance education from a medically sound, biblically consistent perspective. Annually, more than 6,000 students hear presentations in their classrooms with messages like “valuable people make valuable choices” and “your past does not dictate your future.” The percentage of students who highly agree that abstinence leads to healthier outcomes increases by 65% after the training.

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