Let Your Voice Be Heard on Damaging Pro-Abortion Legislation

As someone who values human life in our state, I want to share an update on the progress of Colorado Senate Bill 23-190

Authored by pro-abortion groups, this bill would make Colorado the first state to ban Abortion Pill Reversal (APR), a practice that has saved at least 4,000 babies nationwide. The bill also exclusively targets the advertising of pregnancy centers, threatening them with fines if the Attorney General deems their ads “misleading.” 

Just after midnight today, Senate Bill 23-190 passed through the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 8-to-5. You can listen to the testimony here. The bill now advances to the Colorado House as a whole and may be heard on the floor as early as tomorrow. I include how you can contact your state representatives at the end of this email.  

Abortion Pill Reversal is “CPR for Preborn Babies” 

The medical professionals who testified were at least 3-to-1 against this bill, which calls for our state to blaze new ground and become the first to ban the safe and effective APR practice. An attempt to ban APR emerged in the United Kingdom last year but was thrown out in court. Their General Medical Council found no evidence to suggest progesterone puts the health of either women or their unborn children in danger. 

Abortion advocate and provider, Dr. Mitchell Creinen, was the leading medical witness in favor of the bill. He testified to a study he published in 2020 on whether APR was safe and effective. In this 10-person study, five women received the first abortion pill (mifepristone) plus a placebo, while five other women received the abortion pill followed by the progesterone APR treatment. Dr. Creinen and other pro-abortion advocates indicated the study had to be stopped due to three women who experienced bleeding and sought ER care. 

Multiple medical providers then shared the full story. Of the three women seeking ER care, only two were emergency situations and both were among the five who received the abortion pill only. Moreover, 4 out of 5 of those who received progesterone still had viable pregnancies two weeks later

More than a dozen medical experts testified to the safety and effectiveness of APR. In his testimony, Dr. George Delgado, medical advisor for the national Abortion Pill Rescue Network, drew a parallel between APR and CPR, which also didn’t attain the highest level of scientific evidence before becoming a common medical practice. 

“There is scientific evidence,” said Dr. Delgado, who testified that APR has saved at least 4,000 babies to date. “While not the highest level of scientific evidence, this is essentially CPR for the preborn baby. This is for women who want a second chance at choice.” 

During my testimony, I shared that our pregnancy centers had seven patients who sought to reverse their abortion last year. Under the care of our medical director and nursing staff, six of these seven abortions were successfully reversed. It breaks my heart to think future Colorado women could be denied a similar choice when seeking such care. 

Pregnancy Centers Falsely Characterized 

There were many mischaracterizations and falsehoods shared during testimony about pregnancy centers, including ours. 

“Why would a patient drive hundreds of miles from Texas to Colorado Springs in a borrowed car just to take a pregnancy test at a clinic with no licensed health care providers that provides no more services than a clinic in their hometown,” said Jack Teeter, the Regional Director of Government Affairs for Planned Parenthood Colorado. “(Or) to take a pregnancy test that they could buy in a grocery store in their hometown.” 

I had the opportunity to counter this false portrayal, sharing that our centers have eight staff nurses and 20 medical professionals who provide lab-grade STD testing and treatment, medical grade pregnancy tests and ultrasounds and referrals for further support. 

I also refuted the notion that to be a comprehensive pregnancy health provider you must provide abortions, noting the vast majority of OBGYNs do not provide abortions. In fact, the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology reports just 24% of OBGYNs provide abortions. 

Regarding advertising, I testified that our pregnancy centers use standard marketing techniques to reach potential patients – and that includes appropriately disclosing that we do not provide or refer for abortions. 

Despite pressure to vote along party lines on abortion, as the hearing drew to a close, every Republican committee member — and even some Democrat committee members — were persuaded by the testimony that they heard about the safety of APR and the unfair targeting of pregnancy centers in this bill. 

Democrat Rep. Bob Marshall of Highland Ranch voted no, saying “he wanted to vote in line with the Democrat caucus,” but after hearing the testimony he was unconvinced this bill was appropriate on either account. “Why do we even have these medical boards if the legislature is going to come in with its own political decisions and override the medical boards?” 

Democrat Senator and attorney, Rep. Marc Snyder voted yes, but included the caveat “for now” as he voted to send it through committee. After passing committee 8-to-5, the bill now proceeds to the House, which has a 46-to-19 Democrat majority. 

Let Your Voice Be Heard 

If you believe this bill is bad for women, pregnancy centers and our state, now is the time to contact Colorado House members. The bill could be heard on the floor of the House as early as tomorrow. Encourage them to oppose Senate Bill 23-190 on the grounds that: 

  • Abortion Pill Reversal is an effective treatment using progesterone, which has been safely used in women’s health care for over 60 years. 
  • Colorado should not become the first and only state to ban APR, which gives women a second chance to choose life for their baby. 
  • This bill unfairly singles out pregnancy centers while not holding abortion clinics to the same standards. 
  • The bill’s vague language violates the 14th Amendment Due Process Clause – and its restrictions violate the Free Speech Clause. 

Ironically, in closing remarks for Colorado Senate Bill 23-188 heard just before 23-190, it was noted, “Colorado should and would never force women to give birth when it is not right for them.” It should resonate with these same Democratic lawmakers that this is exactly what Senate Bill 23-190 would do – force women into something that is not right for them. 

You can contact representatives individually by phone or email, which are listed on the Colorado General Assembly website

Thank you for your commitment to life, your prayers and your faithful support. 

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