Know the Truth About Pregnancy Centers 

Pregnancy centers have recently come under attack from pro-abortion Colorado groups. Nearly all of what they assert is misinformation and lies about pregnancy centers like ours. Listed below are 12 of the falsehoods being shared, followed by what is true about Life Network’s Colorado Springs Pregnancy Centers — and hundreds of pregnancy centers nationwide which exist to empower and equip women with alternatives to abortion.  

LIE #1: Pregnancy centers do not have the capacity and resources to help women and their babies.

TRUTH: Not only do we have the capacity to help women and their babies, but we also have greater capacity than local abortion providers. In the last six years, the number of clients we’ve served has doubled. Last year, 1,859 clients received compassionate care at our three centers – and we provided a record 994 ultrasounds. We provide parenting mentors and classes for hundreds of women and men annually. With your help, we are committed to being there for all women and men facing unexpected pregnancies in El Paso County.

LIE #2: Pregnancy centers are not medical facilities nor do they have medical staff onsite.

TRUTH: We currently have eight staff Registered Nurses and 20 credentialed medical professionals in all who serve with us. All of our medical services are overseen by our medical director, an OBGYN who has delivered more than 6,000 babies in our community. Nationally, over 60% of Care Net affiliates (including Life Network’s three centers) offer medical services staffed by licensed medical personnel. We abide by the regulations and guidelines imposed on other medical facilities. Our centers strictly adhere to HIPAA guidelines and other standard medical protocols.

LIE #3: Services provided at pregnancy centers are poor-quality or “fake.” 

TRUTH: We are recognized as a reproductive health care provider by the federal government and are protected under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (or FACE) Act. We are recognized as a reproductive health care facility in the eyes of the DOJ the same way an abortion clinic is. Our medical team administers medical grade pregnancy tests provided by a national medical and pharmaceutical supply company. Our ultrasound machines employ state-of-the-art technology and our ultrasound technicians are professionally trained by Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers who are certified in Obstetrics. Finally, a liberal academic journal, Conception recently published an analytically rigorous study showing that pregnancy centers offer better and less costly pregnancy services to women than abortion facilities.

LIE #4: Pregnancy centers do not provide prenatal or postnatal care.

TRUTH: Our centers offer prenatal testing, STD testing, classes such as early pregnancy care, childbirth and breastfeeding support, and one-on-one emotional support through classes on postpartum depression. In March 2023, we are expanding our early pregnancy care services to offer initial prenatal exams which will include full panel STD testing, prenatal labs, pap tests and breast exams .These additional services are offered particularly for low-income or other marginalized individuals who cannot obtain prenatal care elsewhere.

LIE #5: Pregnancy centers are collecting HIPAA sensitive data and there is concern about how they will use that data going forward.

TRUTH: We have Sen. Elizabeth Warren to thank for this fiction. As stated previously, we abide by the guidelines imposed on other medical facilities and therefore we comply with all HIPAA protocols. Here is our patient commitment we follow: “Your visit is confidential. Because your privacy is our top priority, we follow HIPAA national standards for privacy and will never disclose your visit without your permission.”

LIE #6: Pregnancy centers pressure or intimidate women to keep their pregnancies.

TRUTH: Our policies and procedures dictate that we respect patient autonomy and share the truth about all options available to a woman when she is pregnant: abortion, making an adoption plan and parenting.

LIE #7: The majority of the women who went to pregnancy resource centers felt shame and were deceived by their advertising into visiting.

TRUTH: We do surveys after each appointment which show that over 97% of the patients we served provided positive feedback. Our three centers  combined have nearly 500 overwhelmingly positive Google reviews with center ratings of 4.9, 4.7 and 4.6. They would be higher still but for a few fake reviews from abortion supporters. A recent review from the last few weeks says: “Everyone is so LOVING and CARING!” Our clients testify routinely that we are the furthest thing from shaming. As for our advertising, our pregnancy centers use standard marketing techniques to reach potential patients — and that includes appropriately disclosing that we do not provide abortions.

LIE #8: Pregnancy centers promote the “abortion pill reversal,” a supposed treatment to stop the effects of a medical abortion which is a dangerous and unproven procedure.

TRUTH: Those of you who attended our Life Network Gala in October or have seen this powerful patient testimony, know first-hand that Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) works. Since last November, we have administered the APR process to seven patients, with six of those babies being saved. National data from Heartbeat International indicates that APR is successful 64-68% of the time. So-called research that has been used to show the dangers of abortion-pill reversal is faulty and misleading. For example, one study suggested that the treatment was dangerous because it induced heavy bleeding among some of the women. But another study challenged this assumption, pointing out that all of the women who experienced bleeding did not even receive the abortion pill reversal treatment. Another case study shows the efficacy of the treatment: 4 out of 6 participants in the case study went on to have a successful pregnancy after the reversal.

LIE #9: Pregnancy centers are not reporting STD/STI results to the health authorities and they aren’t giving treatment to the infected patient.

TRUTH: We are certified and registered federally to do lab work through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. All STD testing is done in accordance with Colorado Public Health Dept and Environment (CPHDE), and Colorado state law. Any positive findings are reported to the state as required by law, which then gets reported to the El Paso County Department. We offer treatment for chlamydia and gonorrhea, and any untreated patients are reported back to state health department as law requires. In short, we are following all guidelines set forth by the state.

LIE #10: They do not recognize modern family structures and therefore discriminate against providing treatment for single parent and LGBTQ parent homes.

TRUTH: Provided it is a safe, healthy situation, we encourage female patients to include the father of the baby in her initial visits, so that both the woman and baby have that support. If the father is not involved, we serve and support that single mom during and after her pregnancy with a wide array of support, services and referrals for nearly three years (until the child is two). We provide one-on-one parent mentoring – and beyond that, onsite professional counseling as needed. We do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, race, religion or disability. We provide pregnancy care to anyone, including LGBTQ patients. We would never isolate single parents; in fact, one of the assistant directors in our Motherhood program is a single mom herself.

LIE #11: Pregnancy centers only care about saving babies and do not provide ongoing support to help vulnerable mothers. 

TRUTH: We provided 2,086 parenting appointments, plus ongoing classes to equip parents with training and material resources until their baby turns two. We connect our moms – and their partners if they choose to be present – with community resources such as food, housing and financial support. We provide cribs, car seats, clothing, diapers, formula, wipes and other baby supplies. We also offer onsite professional counseling for clients who need support beyond their parenting coach.

LIE #12: The majority of money given to pregnancy centers is going to salaries and overhead and not the material needs of the clients. 

Our most recent independent audit shows 79.9% of our funding goes directly to programs that benefit the women, men and the families we exist to serve.

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