“I was an unwanted pregnancy.”

“I was an unwanted pregnancy.”

The lives of most of the babies born to the parents we serve begin this way. Their moms and dads come to us scared, overwhelmed and shell-shocked, facing a pregnancy that they were not counting on at this point in their lives.

Thankfully, after receiving options counseling from our team – and being introduced to their child by one of our nurses via ultrasound – more than 4 out of 5 moms choose life for their child.

Many loved and cherished children were once unplanned pregnancies – including our special speaker at this year’s Life Network Gala, noted author and speaker Lee Strobel. Lee shared his story with me years ago during my days at Focus on the Family after I mentioned that I was on the board of Life Network.

Lee’s parents already had three children when his mom found herself unexpectedly pregnant with Lee. He learned later that his parents, especially his dad, were ready to be finished with raising small children. But thankfully, they ultimately chose life for their son. God would use Lee’s storytelling skills to help thousands worldwide come to know Christ through his book-turned-major-motion-picture The Case for Christ.

His personal story is a big part of why speaking about the tremendous value of human life is so personal to Lee. Now, I am blessed to announce that Lee Strobel will be with us at our annual Gala in October to share his fascinating personal story and convey in his winsome way why he’s so committed to valuing human life.

Because an increasing number of people in our city are actively seeking ways to value LIFE, we have expanded the Gala to two nights: Thursday, October 3rd and Friday, October 4th. Which date works best for you? If you’re a couple with children at home, perhaps you can trade babysitting with another couple – one family can attend one night while the other attends the second evening.

Already, 29 tables have been sponsored for this year’s Gala. This is the ideal time to become #30 and join us as a table sponsor. For $600, you can host a table for 10 friends and neighbors to join you in your support of valuing life and transforming lives here on the Front Range. To sponsor a table, simply email our events coordinator Megan Klaus at mklaus@elifenetwork.com – or call Megan at 719-355-1183.

Your commitment to life by supporting us through events like the Gala makes this life-changing impact possible.

I look forward to being with you either October 3rd or 4th!

To God be the glory,

Rich Bennett
President | CEO

P.S. With two Gala nights this year, we are seeking TWICE the number of silent auction items! Would you consider donating an auction item such as a themed gift basket, event tickets, jewelry or collectible? To donate an auction item, or for more information, contact Gaby Colindres at gcolindres@elifenetwork.com or at 719-355-1190.

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