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At our Gala one year ago, I shared a vision for providing free professional counseling to our most at-risk clients.

Many times, a woman’s unplanned pregnancy is the culmination of choices made to numb the pain from past abuse, trauma or neglect. In the past, we would refer these moms to other counseling options – but due to trust issues, finances or transportation challenges, far too many were not getting this additional necessary support.

Because of the compassionate response of so many donors at last year’s Gala, we now have professional counselors onsite three days a week, transforming broken hearts and lives like Maria’s* at our Galley Road location.

With the encouragement of her LifeSteps Coach, Maria was one of the first women to see an onsite counselor. Before learning she was pregnant, Maria had attempted suicide several times. Her mother’s untreated mental illness led her parents to divorce when she was five. After that, she and her little sister would be alone for hours, even days. Maria learned early how to survive, ate when and where they could, and befriended adults who provided food, clothing or school supplies. She also learned to be wary of men who are overly nice when they know mom is gone – several raped Maria.

Last summer, with the support of her LifeSteps coach, Maria recommitted her life to Christ. But she still was grappling with past trauma. Her coach encouraged her to continue the healing God was doing in her life by meeting with our onsite counselor. Maria was scared about revisiting her painful past, but she was determined to be the best mom possible. Because she felt safe and loved at the pregnancy center, Maria began counseling.

At first, Maria would find excuses to reschedule appointments. But as she grew to trust her counselor, she rarely missed an appointment. Not only did her attendance change, her countenance did as well. Maria’s transformation was visible to her coach and our LifeSteps staff. Maria told her coach that while she knows that she has more emotional work ahead of her, for the first time in her life she knows what hope feels like.

With your help and support, our onsite counselors are helping moms like Maria heal from significant trauma and neglect.

At our annual Gala on October 3rd and 4th, we will be sharing stories like these of what God is making possible through our ministry. Powerful guest speaker and noted author Lee Strobel will also be with us as we celebrate the lives being transformed by Christ through our ministry.

It is also a fresh opportunity for you to say “yes” to helping women like Maria receive the transformational hope and healing they desperately need. If you haven’t already made plans to join us, would you consider doing so? There is still time to join us, and space is available both nights. Click here to register to attend the Gala!

It will be a special evening to be sure. I hope to see you at Hotel Elegante on either Thursday the 3rd or Friday the 4th!

Changing lives together,

Rich Bennett
President | CEO

*name changed

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