Exciting update: our third pregnancy center opening soon!

Thanks to your support in recent years, Life Network is having unprecedented impact in our community through our Colorado Springs Pregnancy Centers. Now, that impact is poised to grow again with the opening of a third pregnancy center in Fountain Valley this spring.

Every ultrasound you enable our centers to provide carries the potential to cement a woman’s decision to parent her baby. Just this past week, a women gained the courage to champion life to her baby’s abortion-minded father after receiving an ultrasound from us.

In the last four years, the number of potentially life-saving ultrasounds we provide annually has increased more than 50% – from 455 ultrasounds in 2016 to 700 ultrasounds in 200. Reaching women through online search ads has been important to this growth. When a young woman types the word “abortion” into her phone, we want to make sure she knows that we are here to help her consider ALL her options.

By placing these ads, we know that three of the top 10 zip codes in El Paso County where women are searching for crisis pregnancy options are in Fountain Valley. Sensing the Lord’s leading to go where help is needed most, our Board voted in December to purchase a 3,800 square-foot building strategically located in the heart of these zip codes at 79 Widefield Blvd.

Now, our goal is to raise the $175,000 needed to renovate and furnish this building by April 15th. Your support will enable us to open our third Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center 100% debt free by late spring!

Our prayer is that 700 ultrasounds will grow to more than 1,000 annually across our three centers in the years ahead. As more women choose life for their babies, it will become increasingly difficult for our city’s abortion provider to remain open. Wouldn’t it be incredible if Planned Parenthood is forced to close its doors as their abortion business dwindles? This is another important step toward making that happen.

Would you prayerfully consider being part of this life-changing opportunity in our community by investing in one of the rooms in this new center?

With your help today, we can make this new pregnancy center a reality and expand the life-saving impact of our ministry in our community.

Changing lives together,

Give the Gift of Life Today!

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