Help Us Help Them Be Brave, Strong and Fearless

Our pregnancy center in Fountain Valley has been open more than seven months, and recently we celebrated the first three babies born to moms who were served by this new location.

When a mom in our parenting program gives birth, we support her with a special gift bag just for her. I was at our Fountain center last week when one of these moms picked up her special bag filled with newborn diapers … a celebratory onesie … a book for new moms … and other sweet “getting started” items.

Of course, we are there for new dads, too, supporting them with coaching and equipping them with resources to help them approach fatherhood with confidence. A male client named Kevin recently shared in an online review that he “really enjoys the dad’s class. Everyone has been so nice and helpful for our first child.”

It is so special to share the joy of a newborn with moms and dads who may not have chosen life for their babies if you hadn’t made it possible to be there to support them. Thank you!

Help Us Help Them Be Brave, Strong, Fearless

This year, the ministry theme for our events will be Help Them Be Brave, Strong and Fearless. Women and men are incredibly likely to choose life for their baby if they know there are people who will be there to support them with resources and relationship. This year’s theme reflects that beautifully.

With the addition of our third center, and our moms and dads showing increased interest in our parenting program, we are nearing a waitlist scenario. Right now, our greatest volunteer need is additional motherhood and fatherhood coaches. We also are seeking men willing to be trained as male client advocates, so that the moment a young man walks through our doors, he knows we care for him, too.

Through these mentor relationships, we see a transformation in our clients as they become more confident and equipped. And as they are used by God, our parenting coaches and client advocates are transformed as well. The Enemy sometimes tries to stir doubt in potential volunteers with thoughts that they aren’t qualified or good enough. But as we tell our team, “You are not called because you are equipped; you will be equipped because you are called.”

Would you prayerfully consider becoming one of our parenting coaches who will meet with up to two clients weekly? If you are interested in learning more about this, or other volunteer roles, please visit the volunteer section of our website. Or for more information, contact our volunteer coordinator Kristin (719.355.1176 or

With your support, our clients and students can indeed be brave, strong and fearless in the face of challenges!

To God be the glory,

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