Volunteer at Life Network

We truly could not accomplish what we do without our Life Network volunteers. Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering!

There may be a waitlist for some volunteer opportunities; however, please feel free to review the descriptions of these opportunities below and fill out an application. When the time comes that we need further volunteers in these roles, you will be contacted.

There are many ways to get involved, listed below. We completely train and prepare each volunteer for their roles within the ministry. We will gladly help you determine which role is the best fit for your time and talents.

Contact Kristin (719.355.1176 or kellsworth@elifenetwork.com) to inquire about training or with any questions. We look forward to talking with you!

You can also submit this form to request more information!

How to Apply as a Volunteer

To apply, please review the opportunities in the chart below and fill out the following forms:

  1. Fill out the Volunteer Application OR the Thrift Store Volunteer Application. See the buttons below to fill out your application of choice!
  1. Have three references (one pastoral and two personal) submit a Reference Form. Click the link below to access the Reference Form webpage. Simply send the link to the Reference Form webpage (https://www.elifenetwork.com/get-involved/volunteer/volunteer-reference-form/) to your references, and they can fill it out and submit online on your behalf.

Volunteer Opportunities

At our Family Thrift Store, we need a host of volunteers for both the front-end and back-end of the store. There are two shifts available each day: 9:45am to 2:00pm, and 2:00pm to 6:00pm, Monday through Saturday. We welcome any hours you can commit to – please let us know which times work best for you!

Front of Store: Sales Volunteers in the front of the store are the first faces customers see when entering the Family Thrift Store! This role includes engaging with customers, ringing up sales, and sparkling the sales floor. Please keep in mind that you will need to be comfortable being on your feet for a number of hours and while on the sales floor, wearing a mask. This volunteer position is great for sociable, kind, welcoming individuals who are passionate about helping our customers have the best experience!

Back of Store: Donation Processing Volunteers placed at the back of the store primarily deal with receiving and sorting donations as they are collected. You get to be the face thanking our generous donors who drop off items for the store, and help us ensure the items going out on the floor look their best! This role includes receiving donations as they come in, sorting and pricing, then placing items on the sales floor. An eye for organization and the ability to lift larger donated items are a plus in this role.

Special Volunteer Needs: On occasion, we will have need for volunteers with special skills. If you’d like to contribute your skills to the Family Thrift Store, please let us know.

For further information on each of these positions, please contact David Parker at dparker@elifenetwork.com. In the meantime, you can visit the Family Thrift Store at 5406 N. Academy Blvd!

Patient advocates provide our patients experiencing an unplanned pregnancy the support, education, and guidance they may need to make healthy decisions for themselves and their child. We will train female patient advocate volunteers in crisis intervention and helping skills.

Requirements: application, interview, initial volunteer training (14 hours), on-site training (self-paced), and a commitment to volunteer once a week (4 hour day shifts or 2 hour evening shifts), or by special arrangement.

Pregnancy Center Locations:

  • 3700 Galley Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
  • 3925 N Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
  • 97 Widefield Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80911

The Parenting program provides opportunities for female and male volunteers to develop mentoring relationships with pregnant women and their partners. You walk beside clients, equipping them as parents as they complete our “Earn While You Learn” curriculum. This curriculum contains valuable information on topics such as pregnancy health, prenatal development, newborn care, child discipline, safety, childhood development, and more.

Requirements: application, interview, initial volunteer training (14 hours), in-house training (self-paced), and a commitment to volunteer four times a month, or by special arrangement. Those interested in volunteering in the Parenting program must have experience as a mother or father.

Baby Boutique and Maternity Closet volunteers help by sorting donations and keeping the boutiques filled and organized. Volunteers will also help prepare emergency resources for parents in the community to receive.

Requirements: application, interview, initial volunteer training (14 hours) recommended but not required, a regular time commitment of once a week is preferred.

Provide first contact with walk-in patients who might be facing an unexpected pregnancy or have other needs. It requires projecting warmth, acceptance and hope as you greet each patient and answer phones as well as assisting office staff with clerical duties.
Requirements: application, interview, initial volunteer training (14 hours) recommended but not required, on-site training, and a commitment to volunteer 2 to 4 times a month (4 hour day shifts most needed).

A variety of certified and licensed medical professionals are needed to provide quality medical support and services to our patients in unexpected pregnancies.

  • RN’s, LPN’s, PA’s – Perform pregnancy tests, do lay counseling with patients, facilitate medical referrals, answer related medical questions, facilitate follow-up on positive test patients, assist doctors and sonographers with ultrasound procedures, and provide medical support to callers. Requirements: current medical license, application, interview, initial volunteer training (14 hours), on-site training (self-paced), and a commitment of at least two shifts per month.
  • Sonographers and Physicians – Perform ultrasounds and provide medical support to patients. Requirements: current license, application, interview, in-service orientation, and a commitment of at least one shift per month.

This volunteer is present in the ultrasound room during the ultrasound scanning as a witness to the procedure.  Silent prayer for patient and support to the RN as needed. Females only.

Requirements: application, interview, initial volunteer training (12 hours), and a commitment to volunteer 2 – 4 times a month (4 hour day shifts or 2 hour evening shifts), or by special arrangement.

Pregnancy Center Locations:

  • 97 Widefield Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80911
  • 3925 N Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Volunteer facilitators provide support and co-leadership during small group Bible studies to those who are struggling with the effects of their abortion. Study groups meet once a week for 9 weeks.

Requirements: application, interview, initial volunteer training, participation/observation during one 9 week session, and attendance at occasional facilitators’ trainings.

Our Annual Walk for Life and Gala & Silent Auction require committed volunteer support to be successful. The time commitment is minimal – typically administrative support in the weeks leading up to the event as well as help the day of the event.

Requirements: application, interview, and training (offered by the Events team) for the specific event where you choose to volunteer.

Volunteers with administrative skills can provide support to many departments within Life Network. These duties may include: data entry, help with mailings, copying, filing, answering phones, and other special projects as assigned. Special projects increase around our Walk for Life and Gala events.

Requirements: brief ministry orientation, application, interview, and a commitment to two flexible shifts per month. Computer skills are helpful but not required.

This role advocates for valuing life, and the ministry of Life Network, within your local church. You serve as a vital liaison within your church to champion awareness of the ministry, assist in engaging your church’s leadership, facilitate participation in annual fundraising events, identify potential ways your church can live out its mission’s goals by supporting the needs of Life Network clients, and maintain and deliver communications about Life Network to your church body and its leadership. 

Requirements: an active relationship with your church body, awareness of the services of Life Network, application, interview, and brief training on fundraising events.

Education for a Lifetime needs presenters to teach PURSUE – a sexual risk avoidance curriculum that is offered in local schools and the community. The curriculum covers the topics of sexuality, character, relationship building, and life skills. Education for a Lifetime speaks in public and parochial schools. Medical professionals, doctors, nurses and PA’s are also needed to present information on sexually transmitted infections.

Requirements: application, interview, EFL speaker training and public speaking or teaching experience.

We need dedicated prayer warriors committed to praying daily for our clients, community, volunteers, staff, their families, programs, special events, finances, and facilities etc. Prayer Intercessors are critical to the development, administration, funding, and implementation of all the programs and services we offer to our community.

Requirements: Intercessors can commit to participate in the following ways: 1) pray on-site at Life Network one day a week with other intercessors, or 2) pray offsite daily for Life Network with the monthly prayer calendar or 3) Sign up to receive our weekly prayer requests. (Only our on-site intercessors require an application and an informal orientation/interview.)


Yes, training is important to us! Five times each year we offer a two-day volunteer training. Following that training there is additional in-house training specific to your volunteer position.

  • Both men and women of all ages may volunteer at Life Network.
  • Volunteers must be at least 21 years old to be in direct contact with clients.
  • Our LifeSteps parenting program requires a minimum of two years parenting experience.
  • In addition to having a heart to serve Life Network clients, every volunteer must pass a background check, agree to confidentiality and sign our Statement of Faith.
  • Please see individual volunteer opportunities above for time commitment requirements. 

Please complete the volunteer application online (all tabs of the application must be submitted separately.) Once references are received, you will be contacted to set up an interview at Life Network.

We will work with you to determine the best fit with your schedule and our needs as a ministry. Certain opportunities require a greater time commitment than others; please see above for some detail on each option. There are opportunities weekdays, weeknights and Saturday mornings.

Yes! Most groups who volunteer at Life Network help in our administrative department or with our special events in June and October. Please contact us for more information.