Three Reasons Your Support is More Crucial Now Than Ever

A quick reminder of why your support is so transformational in the lives of the women and men who come to Life Network in search of help and hope.   
Here are 3 reasons why your giving is more important than ever … 
1. You are a powerful partner in the frontline effort to reach and help those facing an unplanned pregnancy. Earlier this month, we met a woman I’ll call Lily, who was alone and facing pressure from family to have an abortion. With your support, we reached Lily through our online ads, and she made an appointment to visit our Fountain location. 
2. You help provide life-saving services that help women like Lily choose life. When she came to see us, we provided Lily a no-cost pregnancy test, and then she returned for a life-revealing ultrasound. The compassionate care she received, coupled with seeing her baby on screen, gave her the courage to choose life. Now, through our Parenting Program, Lily and her baby will earn formula, diapers, clothing, gift cards from our thrift store and more – all because of your support. 
3. You make it possible to offer an invitation to meet Jesus, the author of all life. Life Network is a Christ-centered outreach, motivated by our love for God AND the women and men who seek our help. In fact, we had an incredible day last week at our Westside location when a young couple together found faith in Jesus. It was amazing! 
These are the essential, life-transforming services you deliver with every giftYou’re a support, a friend and a blessing to young women like Lily – and the young couples God brings through our doors. 
As you can see, the services, support and compassionate care your generosity makes possible are so important. 
I know you agree that every preborn child … and every scared, overwhelmed mom and dad … is worth the financial investment and tireless effort. 
Thank you, and God bless you.  

Give the Gift of Life Today!

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