She began to tear up: “That’s my baby?”

For nothing will be impossible with God. ~Luke 1:37

Facing an unexpected pregnancy, Mary experienced this reality firsthand. Despite being a virgin, she gave birth to Jesus – the Savior for the world. The seemingly impossible became possible.

For many young women in Colorado Springs, their unexpected pregnancy seems like an impossible situation. The world tells them there’s a quick fix: abortion. That’s why an average of at least six women locally EVERY DAY look online for desperate options for their unexpected pregnancy – searching terms like “abortion” or “abortion pill”.

It’s also why every day, we are there paying for search ads online so that in their desperation, these young women find us and realize there are other, more hopeful options. We met one such woman recently who I’ll call Shonda.

Shonda had recently broken up with an aggressive boyfriend, and then … learned she was pregnant. I have to have an abortion, was her first thought. As she sought abortion-related information online, she came across us. Intrigued by the promise of a free ultrasound which would reveal how far into her pregnancy she was, she made an appointment.

When she arrived at our center, Shonda made it clear in no uncertain terms that she felt an abortion was her best option. However, the more time she spent with her client advocate, there were glimpses that her heart was softening. While we often schedule an ultrasound in a follow-up appointment, given her distress, we worked her into the schedule so she could receive an ultrasound that same day.

As the image of her 7-week-old baby’s strong heartbeat came into clear view, Shonda began to tear up. “That’s my baby?” That’s your baby, the nurse confirmed. Right there, Shonda chose life for her baby. What were three options were now down to two; she knew she would either make an adoption plan or choose to parent.

That’s the difference you make every day for women like Shonda who are urgently seeking options in what feels like an impossible situation. By God’s grace, the impossible becomes possible through our free services you enable us to provide. 89% of the time a woman meets her baby via ultrasound, she chooses to parent!

If you believe that every baby in our city deserves a chance at life – and the moms and dads of those babies would benefit from receiving coaching and resources to succeed – if you haven’t already, would you send a special year-end gift today?

We prayerfully anticipate providing more potentially life-saving ultrasounds in 2022 across our three pregnancy centers than ever before. With your help, women and men in our city will know that nothing is impossible with our Almighty God!

Changing lives together,

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