Pregnant AND Homeless

An unplanned pregnancy is very difficult in even the best of circumstances — a roof over your head, food on the table and supportive friends and family.

But what if you’re homeless and have none of these?

That’s what Emily (name changed for privacy) faced as a young woman who had lost her place to live. Fear, uncertainty and depression ruled her life on the streets. All alone in the world and without a clear path forward, she found herself at a terrible crossroads.

In the end, Emily was able to make a fateful decision: to seek help at the center. What she encountered was not just guidance, but the warm embrace of compassion and profound connection that would dramatically change the course of her life forever.

Emily’s journey took an unexpected turn when, during her visit to the center, an ultrasound scan
revealed that she was further along than she had realized. Her stress was further compounded by a heartbreaking revelation she made to her patient advocate: Emily was illiterate. She couldn’t read.
How, she wondered, could she ever take care of an infant?

Thankfully, the caring team at the center recognized the gravity of her situation and rallied to provide the
support she needed to choose life. Despite the big challenges she faced and her fragile state of mind, Emily clung to the only thing she had left: hope.

While her journey to confidence, stability and self-sufficiency had just begun, the kind and dedicated
team at the center walked alongside her the whole way. As she carried her preborn child to term,
Emily held tightly to the possibility of a better future for both herself and her baby — a future that had become brighter through the compassion and hope she discovered at the center.

Today, Emily is grateful for the assistance she received . . . made possible through the prayers and
kind support of partners like you. Thanks to you and so many other friends in our community, women are choosing life for their preborn babies, the good news of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed and precious lives are being saved. Thank you, and God bless you!

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