Phil and Tamara Choose Life Because of You

When Phil and Tamara (not their real names) discovered they were having a baby, they didn’t know what to do. While their relationship had grown, Tamara wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment.

No wonder. Her first marriage was marked by abuse and ended in divorce. Along with the pressures of an unexpected pregnancy, the couple faced other stresses, including a custody battle for Tamara’s three children and Phil’s new job.

They were fearful and stressed.

Before scheduling an abortion, Tamara connected with one of our pregnancy centers. She received love and compassion instead of judgment. Yet, her fears won out.

The couple found themselves at an abortion clinic. As they sat in the waiting room, Phil was suddenly overcome by a crystal-clear realization that they couldn’t go through with it. He loved Tamara and
didn’t want to put her through this.

Phil led Tamara outside the clinic. They talked, both coming to see they really didn’t want an abortion.
They didn’t want to look back on that day as a terrible mistake. Phil said, “If you’re in, I’m in. I love you.”
They left the abortion clinic that day and never looked back.

Phil and Tamara were supported throughout their pregnancy, due to the gifts that partners like you provide. Today, they’re married, have custody of Tamara’s three children and cannot imagine life without “Junior”!

Thank you for giving. Your support makes this kind of life change possible for so many couples like Phil
and Tamara.

Give the Gift of Life Today!

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