“The light of the world” shines on a
desperate single mom

Sydney’s story is like so many others.

Often, you see, the young women we meet are completely overwhelmed by their circumstances. They’re unable to see beyond the immediate crisis.

Our desire is to provide hope and help — by listening to their stories and walking alongside them until they can finally begin to see beyond the darkness and into light.

Sydney writes . . .

On my first visit with the pregnancy center, I cried and didn’t know what I would do next. I felt alone, depressed, and disappointed in myself. I talked to the patient advocate for quite a while that day. When I left, she said, “Jesus loves you.” I didn’t feel that or understand at all. I’m a single mom already and I’m still working through college. This felt like the worst timing all over again.

I came back for an ultrasound and visited the baby boutique. We talked some more and the patient advocate said, “Jesus loves you.” I never understood until my daughter was born why she kept saying that.

Visiting the center did more than save my baby’s life . . . It saved mine too. I was in a dark place. You helped bring me back to the light. And that’s right where Jesus wants me . . . because He loves me.

Thank you for helping keep this place open for women like me.

Please take a moment to reflect on what Sydney shared. It’s cause to celebrate! You’re helping women like Sydney choose life for their babies and discover Jesus’ love for themselves. Thank you!

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