“I didn’t know what to do.”

When 24-year-old Rebecca (not her real name) found out she was pregnant, her family was adamant about her having an abortion. They told her in no uncertain terms, “You’re not
having this baby.”

Rebecca was at a loss. “I didn’t know what to do. I was young, I was still in college and I was asking myself, ‘How am I going to take care of a baby?’”

Thankfully, she took the advice of a friend who pointed her to a center nearby, made an appointment and met with a patient advocate. “She was amazing. She let me talk. She listened. She told me about all the great resources they have: free baby clothes, free classes, support for moms. She made me feel really comfortable.” Rebecca also learned about the foundation of faith that motivates this work. “The patient advocate prayed with me,” says Rebecca. “She told me to ask God to guide me to my decision.”

An ultrasound revealed she was six weeks pregnant. “That’s when I first saw my son’s heartbeat. I knew
what I had to do. Whatever comes my way, I’m just going to have this baby. So the center is the reason I kept my baby.”

Today, Rebecca is convinced she made the right decision. “My son is so sweet. He’s the biggest blessing to not just me, but to my family too.” What’s more, she says, “They tell me all the time, ‘We’re sorry for encouraging you to get rid of him, because we love him so much.’” “The help I received at the center really influenced my decision to go into social work and help other women.”

Rebecca is now working in the social services field as a crisis intervention specialist. “Every time I come
across a teenage mom, I always refer her to the center.”

She has some sage advice for women who face an unplanned pregnancy: “No matter what you do, talk to them. Because you’re going to get help. And having places like that — supportive during your pregnancy and even after — it’s something that’s critical in every community.”

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