Every Human Life Is a Divine Masterpiece

What an encouragement to have two thousand people engage once again in our annual Walk for Life! The theme for this year’s Walk for Life, Every Life Is a Masterpiece, acknowledges the reality that every human life is made in the image of God — and He has a plan for each one. As the “Thanks to YOU” report on page 4 shows, your faithful support and partnership help save lives like these every day — and point them to Jesus. I trust you are blessed to know that your generosity is reaching women and men in need right now in our community. Even as we face a state legislature that is hostile to what we do, it is heartening for our team to know that you stand with us as a true friend and partner. Please know this … the women, men, and families we serve together are incredibly blessed, and often forever changed, by your compassion. Through your generosity, these families receive the opportunity to live out the reality that, like you, they too are divine masterpieces who can now live out God’s perfect plan for them.

Thank you and God bless you for standing with Life Network!

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