Earning Anna’s Trust

My name is Anna. My first experience with the center was when I was just 15 and pregnant with limited resources. I went there and met with the patient advocate, who became someone I could confide in. I decided that I simply was not ready to become a mom.

While in my first year of college at 18, I became pregnant again and returned to the center, where I felt comfortable.

They again welcomed me back with open arms, never judged me and always supported me. I decided to terminate the pregnancy because I still was not ready to become a mom.

Last year, I returned to the center again. I was pregnant and needed support, even as an adult. I went to the only place I knew would help me and help me make the right decision. I met with the patient advocate. I remember seeing my baby’s heartbeat and thinking, This time, I can’t let that little heartbeat stop. I have to do everything in my power to keep it beating.

From that moment, I decided to keep my baby. It has been the best decision I’ve ever made.
The patient advocate has provided me with the resources I needed in my time of greatest need. They have welcomed and nurtured me. They have helped me cope when I was in grief as well as stood by me and supported me when I finally felt ready to become a mom.

I truly am grateful for this organization and the services they provide. They’re an amazing organization and staff.

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