Colorado’s Pro-Abortion Bill Becomes Law: Now What?

In the last month, I’ve been updating you on Senate Bill 23-190, which has been racing its way through the Colorado legislature. At the same time, you’ve likely heard national developments that have implications about the legality of chemical abortions. 

Today, I want to give you an update about both. 

First, today the Governor did sadly sign this harmful bill, further cementing the laws of our state as among the most pro-abortion in the country. Given the current makeup of our state’s government, we knew this was the most likely outcome. 

What This New Law Means in Colorado 

Written by pro-abortion special interest groups, the law attempts to hinder the work you make possible at our three Colorado Springs Pregnancy Centers in two ways: 

1. It regulates our advertising under the guise of banning “deceptive advertising.”  

2. It makes Colorado the first and only U.S. state to ban the medically sound Abortion Pill Reversal process. 

I want to thank you for your prayers and encouragement as we uncharacteristically stepped into the political arena to oppose this anti-life, anti-woman measure that expressly targets pregnancy centers. With your support, we were able to clearly share what is medically and factually (never mind biblically) true about the value of life and the work of our pregnancy centers that you make possible. 

3 Reasons for Hope Despite This Bad Bill Becoming Law 

It is understandable to be disheartened, even angry, about these developments. But I encourage you to take heart on three accounts. 

1. None of this would be happening if pregnancy centers like ours weren’t having a profound impact helping women and men and saving babies’ lives. We are bad for abortion businesses, and they know it. That’s why this legislation came about. 

2. We will continue advertising to women desperately seeking support in the face of an unexpected pregnancy – and then serving them with excellence in our centers. With your help, last year we served a record 1,859 patients. If anything, these efforts motivate us to redouble the work you make possible. 

3. We serve an all-powerful God who will not be mocked … is not caught off guard by this … and I firmly believe will use it all for His glory. 

What Are the Advertising Implications of This Law for Life Network? 

We do not need to change how we advertise our services because of this law. Our advertising was honest prior to this law, and it will continue to be. As I’ve said all along, as it relates to us, this is a solution in search of a problem that does not exist. 

When a similar law targeting pregnancy center ads passed in Connecticut two years ago, a pregnancy center there enlisted Alliance Defending Freedom’s support to legally challenge it. That suit ended in January when Connecticut’s Attorney General indicated he had no basis to enforce this law, since he was unaware of any women being deceived by pro-life pregnancy centers. 

If the law is applied fairly in Colorado, we should see the same outcome here. However, if it’s used to aggressively and unfairly attack centers like ours, legal action may be necessary. Whether Life Network would be part of such legal action depends on the circumstances. There are many who stand ready to support us should such action prove needed. 

What Banning Abortion Pill Reversal Means for Life Network 

While it was hard to be smeared unjustly by the front half of this measure, the abortion pill reversal component is the most tragic part of this law. 

The law intends to make it illegal for women to stop their two-pill abortion process after the first pill, and then take progesterone to save their baby – or what’s known as Abortion Pill Reversal. Progesterone has been used safely in women’s reproductive health care for over 60 years, and this practice has saved at least 4,000 babies nationwide. 

Because chemical abortions account for about two-thirds of all abortions, we are aware of a growing number of women who regret taking that first pill – mifepristone – and seek help to save their pregnancy. The APR protocol has been successful the majority of the time (64-68%) nationally.

Knowing the law is aimed squarely at pregnancy centers, with this ruling we will suspend providing this treatment in this season. If a woman contacts us, they will be referred to resources outside Colorado that still allow them the choice to preserve their pregnancy.

While there is nothing unsafe about progesterone, the same cannot be said of the pills used in a chemical abortion, which brings me to the national update out of New Orleans late Wednesday. 

What Do the Recent District & Circuit Court Developments Mean? 

Last Friday, a district judge in Texas issued an order to take effect this Saturday at 12 p.m. CDT that would have removed the first pill used in a chemical abortion, mifepristone, from the market by suspending FDA approval. 

Late Wednesday, the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order amending this ruling. This action places significant restrictions on administering the abortion pill, which if not overturned by the Supreme Court, will impact every state including Colorado. 

Here’s what it means: 

  • It suspends mail order and retail pharmacy dispensing of mifepristone. In April 2021, the FDA temporarily lifted the in-person requirement for dispensing mifepristone abortion protocol. This was done as a so-called “emergency measure” in response to COVID. But this temporary measure was never removed. Then, earlier this year, some retail pharmacies began dispensing the pills as well. If you are truly concerned with women’s health, ending mail order abortion and requiring in-person care is excellent news. 
  • Under existing abortion pill protocol, chemical abortions using mifepristone can occur during the first 10 weeks of a pregnancy. This ruling prohibits them after 7 weeks. If this stands, it will save the lives of thousands of babies in the months to come. 

The Biden Administration is seeking emergency relief from the Supreme Court to stop this ruling from taking effect on Saturday. Friday afternoon, the Supreme Court did in fact extend a hold on this ruling until 11:59 p.m. ET next Wednesday, April 19, as justices consider the issue. But if the Circuit ruling stands, it places significant restrictions on chemical abortions, which account for more than 2/3 of abortions in our state. 

As this situation continues unfolding in the weeks ahead, please join us in praying that the lives of women and their babies are valued and protected. 

You Save Babies and Share the Gospel Daily 

Regardless of state and national laws, until hearts change for Christ, there will continue to be a need for the life-saving, life-transforming work of Life Network. It’s because of you that babies are saved and the gospel is shared every day. 

None of this changes the fact that our three Colorado Springs Pregnancy Centers are among the top pregnancy medical clinics in the country. 

On behalf of our dedicated staff and the patients we serve, I want to say thank you again for your continued prayers, encouragement and support during these trying last few weeks. 

Changing lives together, 

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