Texas pro-life law sparks opportunities here

At the start of this month, the state of Texas made history by becoming the first state to have its Heartbeat Act protected by the courts. This has important ramifications for saving lives in Texas – and here in Colorado Springs.

What the law means

The lives of preborn children in Texas are now protected from their first dectectable heartbeat, which we know from our centers is between five and six weeks after fertilization. When you consider that there were 54,741 abortions in Texas in 2020, this law may save the lives of as many as 1,000 babies a week.

It also means many Texas abortion clinic may shutter their doors in the months ahead. The law also enables private citizens to file lawsuits against someone implicit in committing an abortion, including the doctor who performs it or the person who pays for it.

What the law doesn’t do

Despite some media claims to the contrary, this law expressly excluded any punishment for women who undergo abortions after a heartbeat is detected. It also doesn’t prohibit women from traveling outside the state to receive an abortion.

What it means for Colorado Springs

In the two weeks since this law was enacted, because we are so easily found online for crisis pregnancy key words, we are already having women from Texas call our centers asking if we might help them.

Increasingly, Colorado will be a destination for Texas women who are seeking help in an unexpected pregnancy. Our Colorado Springs Pregnancy Centers are committed to showing care and compassion to these women who reach out to us before terminating their pregnancy. We have already had several powerful conversations with these women, some of whom have expressed openness to then consider other options.

We believe every life has value – men, women and their babies. It is your support that enables us to be there for women, men and their preborn children … give them the confidence to choose life … and then value their lives by providing parenting coaching and material resources.

Living out your pro-life commitment

The Texas law is sparking many to seek ways to deepen their engagement in helping ensure life is valued in our community. Our annual Life Network Gala & Silent Auction in just two weeks is a GREAT opportunity to demonstrate your pro-life commitment – and invite others to join you.

I hope you’ll consider being with us either Thursday, September 30 or Friday, October 1 for this year’s Life Network Gala. It is sure to be a special time to hear powerful testimonies of what God is doing through us to help ensure lives are saved and transformed by the love of Christ in our city. I look forward to seeing you there!

To God be the glory,

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