Supporting Women Here … And Beyond

We’ve just finished observing Sanctity of Human Life Month in January — a time to focus on the inestimable value of every human life, especially those of preborn babies.

It’s breathtaking to consider that 60 million babies have been lost since 1973 through abortion.

Tragically, Colorado continues to allow abortion until birth, making us an abortion tourism state. More women than ever are searching online for abortion info about Colorado.

Thanks to our findability online, last year an incredible 30% of the abortion-minded women who called us seeking information were from another state. And 80% of those calls lasted over five minutes. That gives us the chance to hear a woman’s story, share what is medically true, and connect her with a pregnancy center in her area. So, when you support Life Network, you are not only saving lives in our state – but in surrounding states as well.

Here locally, your gifts are helping women like Amber and Melissa who face pressure from others to have an abortion. You’re helping provide the love, hope and compassionate care that empower them to choose life.

You’re also providing opportunities for these women to meet Jesus — the author and giver of life.

The need for Life Network continues to grow. That means we’ll need you — your prayers and financial support.

To God be the glory,

Give the Gift of Life Today!

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