Without you, Mother's Day
can't happen for

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

And, chances are, you know a sacrificial mom, right?

Here’s how to spot her:

Deeandra’s Story

I want to introduce you to a sacrificial mom named Deeandra.
Deeandra grew up in a strict, religious home. As a single woman, when she found out she was pregnant, her world fell apart. “I can’t afford to be pregnant,” she cried. “I’m already too overwhelmed taking care of my grandmother. My parents will be so angry when they find out.”
But, Deeandra was also afraid of abortion.
So, she came to our pregnancy center and met with a patient advocate who compassionately listened to her story. Deeandra said, “I don’t know about my relationship with God, but I feel judged by my parents.”
(The truth is, Deeandra felt unworthy.)
But, after hearing the Gospel, Deeandra said, “I want a relationship with God.”
And then...
this past fall, Deeandra gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. “My baby saved my life and she is the love of my life,” Deeandra said.

Beautiful, right?
But, here’s the problem…
Most of the women who come into Life Network don’t believe they can be incredible, sacrificial moms.

In fact, many of them are overcome with doubt, fear, and confusion. They are sadly considering abortion because they are scared and overwhelmed.
So today,
In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m asking you to give a life-saving gift to help more moms (like Deeandra) choose life.

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And help a mom choose life for her child, a decision that will impact every Mother’s Day to come.