40 Years of Ministry

Life Network operates three pregnancy centers and other local outreaches that provide a holistic approach to valuing life and transforming lives in and around Colorado Springs. Since 1983, we’ve served over 125,000 women facing unplanned pregnancies, and expanded our reach to men, families and students in our community.

Last year, we averaged more than 550 appointments each month through the pregnancy centers. This past year, Life Network saved 324 babies’ lives and impacted over 15,000 people across all that we provide for the community.

Here is the impact
YOU have made the last year
at Life Network:

Our ministry approach is to provide:

To value life and transform lives in Colorado Springs at every stage.



Education for a Lifetime

Ensuring students and youth in our community know their value and make healthy relationship decisions that protect their value.



Our Colorado Springs Pregnancy Centers meet women and men facing unplanned pregnancies in their time of need. Our centers provide free medical services in conjunction with compassionate, nonjudgmental options counseling and the promise of future support. We empower our clients to make life-affirming choices for their family.

We have three locations:

86% of patients chose life

for their babies after viewing an ultrasound.

patients served at our pregnancy centers last year
potentially life-saving ultrasounds in the last 12 months
babies saved last year

“I wasn’t sure where to start when I found out I was pregnant. The pregnancy center was there for me the next morning. It’s where I had my sonogram and the volunteers are incredibly kind.”

- Maria*

Kelly's Story

Kelly* came to the center seeking information about abortion because the father of the baby was strongly pressuring her to abort. He had given Kelly an ultimatum that choosing to carry would be the end of their relationship. Kelly shared with us that she felt that abortion was wrong, but she felt she needed to consider everyone’s feelings. Our staff was able to educate Kelly and her partner with accurate information about the development of her baby and reveal life to them using ultrasound.

The counseling and the life-revealing ultrasound gave Kelly the courage to fight for her baby’s life and choose to carry her baby!



Providing Vital Support Through the Parenthood Program

Many families facing difficult pregnancy decisions in our community consider abortion due to challenging life circumstances: financial need, previous trauma, relationship instability or just plain fear. We provide continuing support and mentorship through the Parenthood Program that empowers and equips our clients as they build their family — and points them toward hope in Christ.


Parenting Appointments
with Moms and Dads

“I learned about Jesus. This program is helping me in many ways. I could not do this without help from good people like you. I will always be thankful for you.”

-- Annalise*, a recent graduate from our Parenting Program

Sharing the Transformational Love of Christ

Client advocates are trained how to share the gospel message in a sensitive, appropriate yet truthful way. In a typical day, we have conversations with 11 clients about Christian faith in our centers. In a typical month, we see 6 clients make decisions to follow Christ.


Decisions for Christ in the last 12 months

Bridges of Hope

1 in 4 women have an abortion.
Bridges of Hope helps women and men process and grieve past abortions. Our group for women is a nine-week healing and support class that uses Biblical principles as tools for healing.


Bible-based support groups offered this year for men and women seeking healing from abortion