How You Helped Amy “Live a Miracle”

As our 40th year draws to a close, I am continually moved by the stories of Life Network patients who get in touch years later to update us on the lives of their family. One such story of generational impact involves a woman I’ll call Amy. Before coming to one of our pregnancy centers, Amy and her family felt that they were in an impossible situation with no support or resources. But then God — through donors like you — intervened. 

Amy’s Story

Amy and her husband were studying at Colorado Technical University when Amy got pregnant. Her husband was from Kenya and she was from the Philippines.

“We had no family, and we barely had any money,” she says. “I searched for where I could get help and found the pregnancy center. It felt so impossible, I didn’t know what to do but God said, ‘Just follow my lead.’”

Amy says, “It was so embarrassing to ask for help, but when I saw the welcoming faces, they weren’t judging me at all or looking down on me. Right then and there my anxiety and fears were left at the door.”

“I went in and it was like God led me there. As soon as I approached the reception desk, people were helpful from the start,” she says.

With no family nearby and little resources, Amy says, “The center provided me with the warmth of family, and I channeled that warmth into my husband and baby.”

Amy became a regular client at the pregnancy center and attended parenting classes. “We wanted to raise our child in a bright and cheerful home – we wanted to give the best to our daughter.”

Together, Amy and her husband learned how they wanted to parent. “At first, we didn’t agree on a few things, but the classes helped us see eye to eye,” she says.

When Amy became pregnant a second time, she again came to Life Network. “Every time I went to the center, I felt like I was home. They were my family,” she says. Sadly, Amy and her husband lost their son at 21 weeks, and the pregnancy center walked with them every step of the way. “One of the women at the center came to the hospital to be with me and many people from the center attended the memorial service,”

Amy says. “The thing about the center is that caring is a way of life,” she says. Amy’s daughter, Danielle, is now 17 years old. “I can see in my daughter now that she’s been given the love she needs. She has deep friendships and is so loyal to others,” Amy says.

Her daughter is deeply devoted to community service. Recently, she started her own club to encourage international friendships with girls in underserved communities. She wants to empower girls to build lasting social skills and equip them for the future. Last year, she traveled to the Philippines to continue building relationships.

Because of your support, Amy was equipped to confidently raise her daughter to care for others. Today, her daughter Danielle is transforming the lives of girls around the world. “I feel so indebted to the center. They were there when I barely had anything,” Amy says. “There is a powerful God and life comes from Him. This God is love. He is the one who can help you in your situation. I don’t hope for miracles, I rely on miracles. I don’t just believe in miracles, I lived one.”

Your Year-End Gift Will Help Women Like Amy Receive the Care They Need 
As the year comes to a close, you have a powerful opportunity to help women like Amy who feel like their situation is impossible. Your gift ensures that they receive the compassionate care necessary to feel empowered to choose life for their child.  Will you help women like Amy by supporting Life Network and our pregnancy centers this Christmas season? 

Thank you for partnering with us to change the lives of generations in our community.  

To God be the glory,

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