Janie’s Story: How You Can Double Our Impact

If you’re like me, it can be challenging to trust God with our struggles. Relationship difficulties, disappointing policies or simply following the news can bring heaviness.

Those of us passionate about seeing every human life valued struggle to understand how our state can continue to allow abortion up until birth. It pains us to see our taxes fund out city’s abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. We lament the fact that COVID-led changes now enable a woman to order abortion pills online, making her closest abortion clinic her own mailbox.

Meanwhile, every day, we meet women and men facing unexpected pregnancies craving support, compassion and answers. What we tell these young people is what we must believe ourselves: God has got this!

With your hope and support, He is using our pregnancy centers and online advertising to provide hope for women and men who would otherwise choose abortion – women like Janie*:

Janie came to our pregnancy center looking for information on abortion. Janie was married with two children and was going through a difficult divorce with her abusive husband. Now, she faced an unplanned pregnancy. She didn’t see how she could have this baby while parenting two other children.

Of everything we offered to Janie, what was most valuable was simply giving her someone to talk to about her decision. She shared that her faith led her to believe that God did not desire for her to have an abortion. We prayed with her before she left.

Months later, Janie returned to our center. She shared that she couldn’t choose abortion knowing that God wanted better for her and her child. Our promise of support, coupled with God meeting Janie in her crisis, had empowered her to choose life for her baby! Janie gave her client advocate a hug, promising to follow up. Recently we received Janie’s thank you note:

Dear Life Network pregnancy center – You are all so amazing and God-sent! Thank you for the wise counsel, support and the Bible (my first one since high school)! I will take it to church every week! You are an amazing resource and lifeline for women in crisis like me who are trying to do the right thing according to God’s way but are alone and afraid. God bless you and thank you so much! Please keep praying for me, health for the baby inside of me and my two children.

Janie is just one of many of the many clients that donors like you were able to empower to make a decision for life at our centers this year. In fact, 278 babies were saved from abortion in the last year at our three pregnancy centers!

This is how you can make a difference for life in our community: supporting Life Network and enabling us to reach one life at a time. As we near the end of 2021, you have an opportunity to partner with us to save and transform more lives than ever before in the coming year!

Several generous donors have collectively donated $150,000 and challenge our supporters to collectively match that amount. With this year-end matching challenge, together we can have twice the impact in the year ahead. Will you help us meet our goal of raising this additional $150,000 by the end of the year?

Every $1,200 we receive enables us to not only provide a potentially life-saving ultrasound, but to then come alongside a family like Janie and her children for an entire year, providing the emotional support and material resources they so need.

Your generous end-of-year match gift of $1,200 … $500 … $100 (whatever you can do) will provide hope and transformative care for a family in Colorado Springs. Perhaps you’d consider making that gift monthly by becoming a Partner for Life. This is a great way to show your pro-life commitment not just today, but year-round.

Whether it’s a one-time or monthly gift, it’s your faithful support which enables us to continue providing free care to our clients. Thank you for joining with us to make a difference for life in our community in 2022!

Changing lives together,

*name changed for confidentiality

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