Ministry Headquarters

We are moving our administrative offices to the new Eastside location. This move will free up office space at our Galley location, which is our busiest center. The office space at Galley will be converted to patient and client rooms, enabling us to serve even more patients in the central part of the city. The new location at Eastside will have more space for training/classes and event preparation, as well as more space to accommodate our growing team.

Furnishings for our receptionist area , where our staff will greet volunteers, donors, and other people who visit our Center for tours or training.

Supplies for our staff workroom, where they will prepare materials and resources to engage the community in valuing life.

A conference table, 16 chairs and décor for our Board Room, which will host leadership meetings, strategy discussions, and Board Meetings.

The advances in technology make it possible for leaders and Board Members to meet more efficiently as we make strategic decisions for the ministry.

This Training Room is essential to our ministry. In this space, we equip volunteers and staff to interact with clients, we prepare materials for our outreaches such as the Walk for Life and Gala, and engage some of our clients in classes. This gift will help provide the chairs, tables, podium, technology and décor needed to make the room functional and inviting.

Technology such as this television will enhance our training and enable us to better equip our staff and volunteers.

Help furnish the kitchen with a table and chairs, small appliances, and a pantry unit.

Provide startup supplies such as coffee and service materials for hosting our volunteer trainings or small gatherings.

In this room which will have a small conference table, our President meets with donors, community partners and other staff as they all work together to save lives through our ministry and engage the community to value life.

The Marketing and Communications Team is responsible for engaging the Colorado Springs community to value life. They accomplish this goal through organizing Life Network’s major events such as the Gala and the Walk for Life, as well as preparing our communications to clients and donors like you.

Bridges of Hope offers a in-depth study and support program to those who are struggling with the effects of a past abortion. Using Biblical principles as tools for healing, the study addresses topics including: grief, anger, guilt, depression and forgiveness.

This office is responsible for overseeing the quality and care offered through all of the patient services, which are usually the first opportunity to serve those who come to our center.

This office oversees the efficiency and stewardship of our ministry operations as well as the emotional wellbeing of our staff.


Our finance team is responsible for processing donations and ensuring that our resources are used wisely.


Our finance team is responsible for processing donations and ensuring that our resources are used wisely.


The Donor Relations Director connects with our major financial partners and cultivates relationships with some of the many people in our community who make our ministry possible.


Life Network relies on over 250 volunteers every year to make our ministry possible. This office oversees the recruiting, onboarding and assignment of ministry volunteers.


Donate Today to Save Lives

Give today and your impact will be doubled through our $320,000 Matching Gift Grant. Please use the giving form below to complete your donation. In the comments, please specify the project or room you wish to fund. If your selected opportunity has already been funded, your gift will be applied toward the next greatest need. If we exceed our $320,000 goal, additional gifts will help fund our operations at our Eastside center for the first year. If you have any questions, please contact our team at 719.591.2609.