Amy Chose Life Because of People Like You

When you Walk for Life, you are helping young women like Amy.*

The Walk for Life is just a few weeks away. Today, I am focusing on why we walk, the importance of our life-affirming care for those facing unplanned pregnancies, and how YOU can make a difference. Please allow me to share a story about Amy.*

As a high-achiever and planner, Amy* wasn’t planning to get pregnant.

She loved running marathons and had a great new job in Colorado Springs. Pregnancy was not what she wanted at the time of her life.

Shocked and confused, Amy came to our pregnancy center, seeking information on abortion.

“I’m a believer, but I can’t be pregnant right now. I need information about abortion.”

Our patient advocates met with Amy, offered her faith-based support, gave her information about all her options, and showed her a video on the reality of abortion.

After watching the video, Amy had a lot to think about. “I’m overwhelmed, but I’ll come back for an ultrasound.”

After seeing her baby on the ultrasound, she decided to tell her family and the father of her baby about her pregnancy. Although the father was not supportive, her family was.

It’s because of your support that patients like Amy not only choose life for their babies, but some also choose eternal life.

In the past year, at least 90 clients decided to follow Christ!

Our goal is to help more patients like Amy realize that Every Life is a Masterpiece.

That’s why every dollar you raise for the Walk for Life matters.

Together, we’re making significant progress toward our fundraising goal of $725,000 – and you can help us reach it. You can register now or sponsor yourself at  

To God be the glory,

Because of Walkers like you, Amy's life was changed and her baby's life was saved.

Give the Gift of Life Today!

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