A Child’s Life Saved. A Mom’s Life Changed

Your support turns tears of pain into tears of joy. Thank you!

When Lani (not her real name) walked through the doors of the center for the first time, she felt scared and alone.

Struggling to get past the grief of several miscarriages, Lani had told no one about her appointment, not even her fiancé, Paul. She was riddled with anxiety and a fear of abandonment knowing this pregnancy could also end in a miscarriage. As a result, she was leaning strongly toward abortion.

Lani cried as she shared her story with the patient advocate. Still, amid the confusion and sadness, she had hope. After they prayed together, Lani was ready to accept any outcome. When her pregnancy was confirmed, she was excited about becoming a mom. Thankfully, Paul supported her decision. And from that moment on, he and Lani took advantage of all the services available. They signed up for every class they could. Along the way, they built strong relationships with other parents in the classes and with the center staff.

Their daughter, Amie, was born a year ago. Lani looks forward to celebrating — and being celebrated — on Mother’s Day.

Lani and Paul have been able to put the parenting principles they’ve learned to good use. And they’re always recommending the classes to other friends who have little ones. “You can learn so much,” Paul says.

What’s more, desiring to take every possible step to keep their life together moving in a positive direction, Lani and Paul were married.

Lani says, “I also love to donate things back to the center. If something doesn’t fit Amie, or if she outgrows it, I’ll say, ‘I’m giving this back.’”

Having been through both bad and good times, the couple has gained valuable perspective — on their choice, on parenting and on the future. “The center has given so much to us. People are always there to pray for us and show us so much love,” Lani says.

Thanks to you and so many other friends in our community, women are choosing life for their preborn babies and looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day. Thank you for your wonderful support of this life-saving work, and God bless you!

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