Bridges of Hope

For those struggling after an abortion: you are not alone.

If you have been affected by a past abortion, you may find yourself experiencing a wide range of unexpected, and confusing, thoughts and emotions. Whether it has been days, months or even years since the abortion, many women and men are affected by Post Abortion Syndrome at some point in their life.


Life Network, through Bridges of Hope, offers a 9-week support group comprised of women who have experienced the pain of an abortion. This is a safe and confidential environment where they can begin the healing process. During this study, issues of anger, guilt and forgiveness are some of the topics covered. Trained and caring facilitators assist in small group interaction and post abortion support Bible studies.


For men who may be struggling with a decision that was made regarding an abortion, Bridges of Hope also offers one on one support with a male facilitator. This pain can often be just as real for a man who must deal with a past abortion.

Some Signs of Post Abortion Syndrome (P.A.S.)

Grief, sadness or sorrow Troubled relationships
Feelings of loss Eating disorders
Guilt and Shame Anger or rage
Moodiness, depression or anxiety Suicidal impulses
Frequent crying spells Depression
Sleeplessness, nightmares or flashbacks Discomfort around babies and small children

Whatever the circumstance, we want to help.
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