Thank You for Your Participation at the Walk for Life!

We are so grateful for your commitment to join us in cultivating a community that values life through our 36th Annual Walk for Life! And this year’s Walk proved we don’t have fair-weather supporters. Despite the rain, more than 2,000 of you gathered at Memorial Park to help families in Colorado Springs value life. It was […]

A Teen Mom Chooses Life Because of Walkers Like You

With the Walk for Life just a little over a week away, we want to take a moment to focus on why we walk … the importance of our life-affirming care for those facing unplanned pregnancies … and how YOU can make a difference in the lives of underserved moms and dads in Colorado Springs. […]

Colorado’s Pro-Abortion Bill Becomes Law: Now What?

In the last month, I’ve been updating you on Senate Bill 23-190, which has been racing its way through the Colorado legislature. At the same time, you’ve likely heard national developments that have implications about the legality of chemical abortions.  Today, I want to give you an update about both.  First, today the Governor did […]

Walk for Life … at this Critical Time

In recent weeks, it’s been tough seeing legislation advance that’s targeting and smearing the work of pregnancy centers in Colorado. One bill is aimed at intimidating us from marketing our life-saving services AND penalizing medical professionals who offer mothers a second chance to choose life for their babies through abortion pill reversal. It’s because the […]

Easter Greetings

Just outside the city walls of Jerusalem is The Garden Tomb, a possible location for the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It may be the one historical site that’s most notable for what you DON’T see. This empty tomb is a reminder that we serve a risen Lord and Savior.  As you celebrate Easter with your loved ones, know that it […]

Let Your Voice Be Heard on Damaging Pro-Abortion Legislation

As someone who values human life in our state, I want to share an update on the progress of Colorado Senate Bill 23-190.  Authored by pro-abortion groups, this bill would make Colorado the first state to ban Abortion Pill Reversal (APR), a practice that has saved at least 4,000 babies nationwide. The bill also exclusively targets […]

Give to Save Lives

You can help save and transform lives! Your gifts support: In fact, at least 344 babies’ lives were saved this past year, born to moms and dads considering abortion who then chose LIFE for their child! Your gift today will empower even more parents to make decisions for life, and ensure we are there to walk […]

12 Lies about Pregnancy Centers (And What is Really True) 

Give Now, Share Truth Download a PDF of This Resource Know the Truth About Pregnancy Centers  Pregnancy centers have recently come under attack from pro-abortion Colorado groups. Nearly all of what they assert is misinformation and lies about pregnancy centers like ours. Listed below are 12 of the falsehoods being shared, followed by what is […]

4 Wills That Won’t Help

Your will is one of the most powerful documents you will ever create! But there are 4 types of wills that will NOT help