Parenting Programs

Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center’s Parenting Programs exist
to enable moms and dads to confidently enter parenthood 
knowing that they have people walking beside them for support, encouragement and resources.

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Motherhood Parenting

The Parenting Program provides support for moms, dads and babies with parent education and material resources in our Earn While You Learn program. New moms are paired with their own personal coach who meet with them every other week until their child is 2 years old, covering topics ranging from pregnancy and infant care to toddler needs and healthy parenting skills. The Fatherhood Program mirrors the Motherhood Program, and dads don’t need to be first timers.

Moms and Dads in the program use “Baby Bucks” or “Man Bucks” to purchase baby related resources in our Baby Boutique. We have everything from diapers, formula and baby food to clothing, blankets, cribs, car seats, highchairs, pack n plays and more. All large, weight bearing items earned come brand new in the box so mom or dad can send in for the warranty.

Not only does the Parenting Program empower parents to be confident and equipped in parenting, it is also a great way to meet other expecting parents and those with little ones. We have monthly Momma Meet Ups, quarterly Dads and Bros get togethers and other events like CPR training, Support Groups and more.

How much does all this cost? All our services are at no cost to moms and dads.

We understand life can be tough and a new baby is not easy, so in our Parenting Program we aim to be a strong support for parents joining them on the early steps of their parenting journey.

Parents who graduate from the program say things like:

You helped me so much!”

“I had no family here, and you stepped in when we really needed someone to walk us through.”


“I seriously don’t know how I could have done this without you.”


If you are embarking on the Parenthood journey, reach out to us and see all the great support we offer.

Remember, baby steps today, fourteeners tomorrow!

Fatherhood Parenting

Dad, you matter too!

We recognize the need for a child to have a present and loving father in their life. We also recognize that the idea of becoming a dad can hold many emotions, from excitement to nervousness. We want to help you process those emotions and prepare you to be the great dad you want to be.

How can we help you?

We provide you a personal Fatherhood Coach that will meet with you, one on one, every other week. In those meetings, you will talk about what it takes to be a great dad, parenting tips, infant development, and so much more.

The best thing we offer is that what you experience is based on your needs and wants. This is no cookie cutter program. We want to get to know you and give you the resources and support that you need. This is about relationship and support. We got you!

There is no need to do this alone. Fatherhood is one of the most important things you will ever do. Join us in the Fatherhood Program and be the intentional, present and great dad you want to be!


Upcoming Events

Momma Meet-Up at Westside Center 7-9pm
Momma Meet-Up at Westside Center 7-9pm
Momma Meet-Up at RMC 11:30am-1pm
FULL | CPR Class 2-5:30 pm
CPR Class 2-5:30 pm
Dadbros at Westside Center 7-9pm
Dadbros End of Summer Barbeque at Westside | 12-2 PM
Momma Meetup - Whit's End
Momma Meetup - 6pm - 7pm at Galley Center
Momma Meetup - Scavenger Hunt at Scheels
Dadbros Trivia Night
Momma Meetup - Pizza at Westside 6pm-7pm
Momma Meetup @ John Venezia 10-11am
Dadbros Trivia Night
Parenting Program (Moms and Dads) Meetup @ Westside: Dinner Provided 6-8pm
Momma Meetup: Bouncy Balls and Bubbles @ Meadowland Park 11-12pm

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